Your singing lesson journey

Not everyone learns the same way or is at the same skill level. So, I will work one-on-one with you to create a structured plan to fit your learning and skill requirements, as well as your personal aspirations.

At your first lesson, we will start this journey by finding your rhythm and voice, creating a lesson plan for the months to come, including your starting point, learning style, and requirements for the next term. We will also update this plan as we progress throughout the term to ensure you improve at the right pace for your needs.

Some of my students have benefited from my ‘sing-a-low-key’ style and support.

What is sing-a-low-key?

It is a tool I use where we pick the song you wish to learn; I then adjust the songs EQ parameters to reduce the vocal volume on the track, allowing you to sing along with the song and still have some vocal guide along the way. This helps you with the lyrics, phrasing and confidence, whilst learning the music. Particularly good for my younger students.


Other areas of tuition and guidance that I incorporate into the structure of the lessons set out below:

  • Technical knowledge of vocal technique

  • Song choice and vocal guidance for all songs

  • Songwriting skills and social platforms

  • Performance skills

  • Future opportunities for live performance and professional guidance 

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