Your singing lesson journey

Singing Lessons with Thomas James

If you're reading this, you've most likely dreamed about becoming a popstar, but in reality, you're still just singing in the comforts of your bedroom! With experience singing in large arenas, theatres, stages of all sizes, pubs, clubs and corporate events, Thomas offers his unique knowledge and skills to those who wish to indulge in the art of singing.


You will learn:

  • technique and vocal health

  • vocal exercises

  • how to sing your favourite songs

  • performance skills

  • songwriting skills


Some of my students have benefited from my ‘singaloke’ style and support. What is singaloke? It is a tool I use where we pick the song you wish to learn; I then adjust the songs EQ parameters to reduce the vocal volume on the track, allowing you to sing along with the song and still have some vocal guide along the way. This helps you with the lyrics, phrasing and confidence, whilst learning the music. This is particularly good for my younger students to gain confidence whilst singing.

Book a lesson with me today and discover how well you can sing!