Having grown up with countless music tutors, Thomas understands the struggle to find the perfect teacher. While having the right materials, knowledge and skills are a huge part of being a good tutor, the most important part is creating a fun and welcoming environment for the student. Students come out of their lessons looking forward to the next one within an instant, and Thomas guarantees that you will too!

Our lessons are based in Newcastle, NSW and can be arranged at your home additionally online lessons are available.

Why I, enjoy teaching?

Learning to sing is a very personal experience. In a way, you are discovering your true voice, and when you find it, the emotion you feel is amazing. When I hear one of my students hit the high notes they have been working hard to achieve, it is such a beautiful moment. The delighted expression on their face shows it all and it makes you feel proud that they worked hard to achieve this. You can never replace that feeling.

One factor I have noticed as we progress throughout the terms is the confidence that my students gain, especially the younger ones. This transfers into their daily lives and helps them to interact socially better and learn things faster.

Why learn with me?

Music has been a part of my life since my early childhood but growing up with two musical parents does this to you. Both have had an extensive music career which has enabled me exposure to a variety of musical experiences from a young age. This helped to support and foster my own personal musical journey as a teacher, performer and songwriter. I have been teaching music for the past five years at my home studio and at various schools around the region, as well as performing professionally for the past two years around the Newcastle and Hunter Valley pubs and clubs circuit, and for weddings and corporate events. I offer knowledge, skills, and the opportunity to indulge in the art of singing.