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Thomas James

Location:      Newcastle / Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Ethnicity:       White/ Caucasian

Age Range:   16 to 30

Body Type:    Average, fit, muscular (thin & toned)

Height:           6' 1" (185 cm)

Weight:          72 kgs / 159 lbs.

Eye Color:      Green . Hazel

Hair Colour:  Dark Blond (honey blond)

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Special Skills 

Singing, music, dancing, sports (other),


Vocal Range: F2 - A4 chest voice (Bari/Tenor) with strong falsetto

Instruments: Piano Grade 6, Advanced Guitar

Accents: Standard American (Jersey / New York), Australian, British

Project Perferences 

Musical theatre, theatre, television, commercials, feature-length films, concerts

Theatre Experience

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